Nigeria’s education standard has continues to decline, leaving the nation with much work to do to rebuild the system and its future.

However, one lecturer believes some parents are actually to blame for the consistent decline.

Most Nigerian students get scared when they see figures and parents are just willing to do anything to see their child move ahead in life.

They do anything to make them pass Mathematics, including registering them in' special centres' or paying someone to write their examination on their behalf.

Some parents continue this ill even after secondary school leaving the child with zero confidence to take on future challenges.

A lecturer with the Department of Linguistics, Faculty of Arts in the University of Ilorin, Issa Sanusi, is warning parents in the habit of assisting their children to cheat during examination to desist.

At the closing ceremony, the lecturer highlighted a few burdens that examination malpractice has brought the nation.

1.      The fear for the subject the child was aided in lingers on.

2.      The child loses confidence in himself/herself

3.      The student on graduation becomes unemployable

4.      Dearth of the education sector is sustained.

He asked teachers, parents and students to rise to the challenges facing the education sector by discharging their responsibilities effectively.

He says basic malpractice is the base on which corruption thrives.

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