Tonto Dikeh who became a born-again Christian recently, claims that she has been fighting a spiritual battle for the last 4 months.

The mother of one, says she found "over 1000 life flies" in her son’s room.

The Nollywood actress raised alarm after sharing videos of the flies, saying that she’s been facing “one spiritual battle or another” in recent times.

She wrote:

"Woke up to Over 1000 life flies in my sons room(for the 2nd time with no open exit or entrance,no rotten item),The devil is a liar..."

In another  post she wrote:

“Lord this is your fight,Come take your PLACE IN OUR HOME!!
#PRAYFORKING #EVILLOST #LOVE#MYBABY #HOLYSPIRIT # JESUS #GOD#GODOVERALL #WEWILLDANCE#WEWILLSHINE #THEWORDWORKS#IKWEREBLOOD #HEADTOSTRONG#ONEWITHGOD @pastorpaulmain@pascalamanfo @majidmichelmm@realtalkkim @bishopjakes @joycemeyer I need you all now more than ever before”

Though we cannot dismiss the existence of spiritual forces, here are 3 reasons we believe that all Tonto Dikeh needs is a plumber and an exterminator, and not T.B Joshua.

1. Her house was probably infested by cluster flies.

2. The phenomenon of clustering occurs when the flies attach themselves to parts of a house, mostly the ceiling, and is often as a result of leaking pipes within the walls of a house.

3. Even though there are no open exits or rotten items in King Andre’s room, as Tonto Dikeh suggested, research shows that the flies can get through vents and air conditioning units into an enclosed space. That is most likely how they got into Tonto’s house.

So Tonto, get cracking and leave the spirits alone.