Fever! Fever!! Fever!!!

There is a fever that is in Lagos now and many are wondering where they stand.

Have they used their own hands to bring themselves an uncertain condition?

After Lagos State government announced that it had obtained a court order stopping the Ikoyi Registry from conducting marriages, the fever sneaked in and many persons that have had their marriages there became afraid their marriage certificate may have become void.

They just need to calm down, as that is not the case. 

The state government had said it was illegal for the registry, which is under the Federal Government, to be conducting marriage for persons in Lagos when states registries could do same. 

But somewhere in the mix, revenue generation could also be another reason the Lagos State government could have pursued that case. 

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One cannot easily forget that registry with some funny images that have come out after a pose near the popular signpost that is even more famous than some Nigerian artistes. 

This is one of them.

pictures from ikoyi registry and the ban on marria

So many similar images have also come out of that registry, but whether they will stop coming is what remained to be seen.

After the information about the court order spread, the registry still witnessed the usual crowed that throng the place to register marriages. 

The way some people pose by the signpost one will wonder if they go to that place to collect money, but these pictures with white women in them will give you an insight into why people rush to the Ikoyi Registry for marriage registration. 

Here are a few reasons some people will still prefer the Ikoyi Registry. 

1. Prestige 

Nigerians like to do things with swag, and this registry is a well known one. Any couple that has no picture taken near that famous signpost will be looked at like they do not know what's up. 

This has contributed to why couples will always prefer to register their marriages there. 

2. Impunity in the blood

One thing that has continued to resurface whenever a law is made or a court order is issued is the impunity with which Nigerians do things.

There is a history of disregard of court orders in Nigeria, from the Federal government to State government and even local council. They all like to go solo whenever a court order is issued.

There is a tendency that the Federal Government which makes money from that registry will appeal the order and upturn it in coming months. We are waiting.

3. Foreign Embassies Love Ikoyi Registry Certificate

Several couples that had gone to the court that have been truthful enough about their reason for going there have said that that is the only certificate that foreign embassies in Nigeria love.

That is the only certificate they honour, most of them claim, and this highlights the need for the Nigerian government to insist that embassies in Nigeria must honour certificates from other registries. 

That could be the only measure that will reduce the patronage of the registry.

pictures from ikoyi registry and the ban on marria