Nigeria based male barbie, Bobrisky may have just called the attention of the Federal Inland Revenue Service on himself.

His latest income declaration on Snapchat will raise any tax man’s eyebrow.

He made this revelation while addressing his haters and those wondering how he makes money.

Below are 4 reasons federal and state authorities would like to pay Idris a visit.

1.According to him, he makes $800 (292,000 Naira) daily from sales of his cream which amounts to $24,000 (8.7 million Naira) monthly and $288,000 (105 million Naira) per annum.

2. Bobrisky says he’s coming to Nigeria with a Private Jet - this attracts special fees, special sums are paid by those who fly privately.

3. The sum he declared does not include the ones he makes from events, adverts and promotions.

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