Omosexy still has it and she knows it!

She is not scared to participate in a sex scene as long as the ground rules have been laid and she is comfortable with her partner in the movie.

The actress, who stars in the anticipated psychological movie "Alter Ego," which hits cinema on July 21, took part in some intense sex scenes in the movie.

During a recent interview, she shared three reasons filmmakers shy away from the realities of our time.

1. Censors Board

According to the actress, the Nigerian Film and Video Censor Board's regulations may have been misinterpreted by filmakers.

"If you did more, they will tell you to take it off. Nobody would want to waste their time on set and shoot things that they would tell them to remove. It's a lot of time that you're wasting.

"So, filmmakers already have that at the back of their mind - the fact that they would tell them to yank it off."

2. The Society

The question on most producers' minds remains - what will they say?

So actors tend not to do their best to make the sex scene look convincing enough, or totally avoid it.

"So sometimes when shooting a sex scene, you're in your head and when that scene is going on, you're already like 'oh my God, then you hold back and that reflects on TV. You can see when the actors are holding back."

3. Lack of Preparation

"Actors have gone away from preparing for roles, so it also affects the sex scenes.  If you don't prepare for your role and you don't have chemistry with your co-actor, and you're on set doing something of that nature, if it didn't show in any other scene, it will show in that one."

"It's instincts. Someone you're not very free with is just coming to give you a peck. You know you're supposed to allow him peck you but your body just reacts.

"So, if you know you know you're going to do sex scenes with your partner in a movie, you have to be relaxed", she said.