More and more troubles seem to be coming to the Senator representing Kogi West, Dino Melaye, and they are not sounding like music that he could produce a video on as usual.

The ‘music video superstar-Senator’ for two days now have not found rest, but on a hospital bed.

His ordeal that began like a usual show at the Nnamdi Azikiwe Airport, in Nigeria’s capital city, Abuja, is growing and getting strong like the cedar of Lebanon.

If sleep will come to him tonight, it must be induced as he has all the reasons to keep sleep away from his eyes even on his hospital bed where he needed rest the most after jumping to peril from a police vehicle on Tuesday.


Three things taking sleep away from the Senator, who has become the most troubled of recent time are; 

1. The Pains On Hospital Bed

No one goes to the hospital with his clear eyes and says; “give me a bed”, except he truly cannot find another place for such rest.

The Senator, who may have seen Black Panther movie decided to try out some stunts, and the pains from such jump from the window of a police vehicle are excruciating.

He has not tried that for years and age has gone down so much that Senator Melaye may have lost needed strength to pull such stunt.

The Senator is in pains and no one with such pains may be able to find sleep except with sedatives administered. 

2. The Trial Waiting In Kogi

While sitting in the police vehicle, the Senator had paid attention to the location the vehicle was heading and when he discovered Lokoja, the capital of Kogi, was his probable next destination, his thoughts kicked in.

“They will get me sentenced or even poison me while in detention. I am not ready to die in Kogi and leave my political ambition, he may have thought to himself, a situation that was confirmed by his lawyer on Tuesday.

He preferred to ruffle a bit on the street of Abuja, if he makes it alive after jumping, to going to his hometown where he should have more supporters marching with him in solidarity.

After these few thoughts, he found the opportunity to jump when 'hoodlums' blocked police vehicle with a Toyota Hilux, and he jumped.

Senator Melaye has a case to answer in a Kogi court after he was implicated in an arms case.

Suspects arrested in relation to a crime had claimed he gave them a bag of arms.

He has denied that allegation in one of his 'Aje Kun Iya ni Oje' music videos.

Melaye’s lawyer had said he does not want to be tried in Kogi, as he feared he would not get justice. 

3. INEC Proceeding With His Recall

As if the pains he feels on his hospital bed where he was chained to some hours ago and the trouble waiting for him in a court in his state are not enough, the Senator’s case is getting more compounded.

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The electoral body is pushing on with Senator Melaye's recall process.

list of anambra election candidates

The Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) had in different tweets on Wednesday said it had commenced the process.

One of the tweets read:

If anyone needs sleep today, it is Senator Dino Melaye.

Is this the 'Trials Of Brother Dino'?

This situations may just end up getting the Senator sympathy votes that will keep him at the Senate, you know Nigerians are kind hearted sometimes.