The cookies are crumbling and the smart ones are manipulating how the crumbs drop. 

It is in the Senate and more will come in the House of Representatives, if the statement of the Senate President, Dr. Bukola Saraki is anything to go by. 

We have seen the finger pointing at it from weeks ago and the climax was last night when the Senate President made a post on his Facebook page about his plan for 2019 and every other things that will follow, including the defections of some Senators from the All Progressives Congress (APC) to the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) that later followed.

After that defection on Tuesday came the announcement of a sudden recess. The Senate is going on break for two months.

One thing is sure that the mace will be in the hometown of one of the Senators few minutes or hours from now. 

Why is the recess coming now? 

Here are three pointers. 


Political tussle is entertaining when you watch from the sidelines like a spectator, but it could be heart-rending when you watch as a politician that may have put forward your joker (wild card) and had began a jolly moment like a smooth operator. 

There is this siege in the Senate, with reports of a plot to impeach the Senate President.

The Pro-Buhari group is behind it and the APC had the highest number in the Senate and that means the impeachment plan could pull through except nothing drastic was done. 

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Senator Ben Murray-Bruce saw it coming and he began to shout early so that the impeachment will not hold. 

Doubts about the state of things cleared when on Twitter the first tweet that was posted on a day plenary is supposed to hold was an order paper. 

He who plays piper calls the tune, some minds must have retorted, but this is also a pointer to the fact that the Senate media team is under the control of the Senate leader as expected. Otherwise, how can the handle that has always been busy suddenly go dormant on a day like this. 

That aside. 

Something had to be done to ensure the power of number does not favour the ruling party which the Senate President had in his earlier statement accused of becoming oppressive. 


The Senate President had earlier been invited by the Police for questioning over the Offa robbery again, but he avoided that meeting that could have given the APC members in the House an opportunity to impeach the leadership of the Senate. 

Saraki, who had outsmarted the leadership of the APC in his election as the Senate President, again played a fast one and ensured he showed up at plenary, one of the shortest that we have seen in months. 

It was his only move to beat the ruling party, like he now refers to it, and make sure that the power of number was slashed. 

His aim was only to announce the defection of some lawmakers who are now members of the PDP, as stated by the Senate President.

This is what we now know, even though more drama could follow. 

After this announcement the Senate was forced into a recess that will end in September.

The persecution hammer seems to have also landed on the Deputy Senate President's table, as a letter in in public domain now alleges that the EFCC is on the trail of Ike Ekweremadu. 

EFCC letter to Ike Ekweremadu


A Period like this had been experienced before and the court case and trouble that will follow is usually a distraction for those that defected and the political parties involved.

Time is needed for those that have defected to formalise their defection and take hold of their promises that benefiting political party may have offered to entice them.

Two months is enough time for them to get these issues sorted out.

Saraki has not announced his defection yet but he is already frolicking with members of the Peoples Democratic Party.

Within this two-month period, the PDP is expected to change its name as agreed when the negotiations with r-APC members took place. The name is even already something some Nigerians do not want to hear. 

It is like the game of chess and the APC leader, Ahmed Tinubu, and his group must have gone to work, plotting their next move.

Nigerians are in for an interesting time and watching from the sideline is great. 

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