Millions of fans are still in shock after learning the ferocious singer was found dead in his Los Angeles home on Thursday.

He committed suicide at the age of 41 and his platinum-selling hard rock band will never be the same again.

Suicide is getting more rampant with people; young, old, rich and poor finding a reason to ‘end it all’.

Chester Bennington was rich and famous.

So, you’ll wonder how such a man, whose life would probably be envied by many, could have gotten tired of living.

We are also wondering what could have gone wrong:

1. He believed in the after-life. Chester Bennington was close to late singer, Chris Cornell who committed suicide two months ago. Chris also hung himself.

In a note he shared on social media in reaction to the suicide of his friend who also hung himself, Chester wrote “I can’t imagine a world without you in it,” he wrote. “I pray you find peace in the next life.”

2. Could he be missing his late friend? So bad that he wanted to be where he is? Bennington's death occurred on what would have been Chris Cornell's 53rd birthday.

This cannot be a coincidence. Could it?

3. Chester Bennington suffered from depression. He had struggled with drugs and alcohol abuse in the past and previously admitted he had considered suicide after being abused as a child by an older male.

He hinted at suicidal thoughts in one of his last songs ever written. Focusing on the topic of depression, it contained haunting lyrics including: “I don’t like my mind right now // Stacking up problems that are so unnecessary // Wish that I could slow things down”

In the chorus, he talks about how he is dragging around issues that are bringing him down before chillingly adding: “If I just let go, I’d be set free.”

Perhaps chose the last option.

There are no reports that he had any major financial issues and although he has had very serious health challenges, none seemed to be terminal and capable of making him want to end his life.

While we continue to wonder why Chester took his life, we wish him peace in the after-life, if there's one.