Every now and then, we all feel the need to eat something a little different from our usual everyday meals (like eba, beans, rice, yam, fufu, amala, etc.).

Eating the same things week in, week out can be so tiring at times. And no, that doesn't make you ungrateful, it simply makes you human.

Craving something different is normal and totally okay, after all they say variety is the spice of life. Then again, trying to spice up your life with something mouth-watering shouldn't lead you to bankruptcy either.

So we're here to share with you, 3 Nigerian delicacies you can treat yourself or your bae to without breaking the bank.

1. Abacha ncha: This is a simple but nutritious meal that originates from eastern Nigeria and it's aptly called "African salad". It's made up of tiny strips of dried cassava (abacha) - that looks like spaghetti, palm oil, crayfish, thinly sliced pumpkin leaves (popularly known as ugu),  fermented oil bean seed (ugba), onion rings, sprinkle of salt (optional) and fried fish. This delicacy does not require cooking and it is a very delicious midday treat that you can enjoy with any chilled drink of your choice. Bon apetit! 



2. Pepper soup: This soup is the MVP of soups in Nigeria. If you don't believe that, try counting the number of pepper soup joints you spot next time you are out and about in your neighbourhood. It can be garnished with any kind of 'protein' you can think of, ranging from fish (particularly catfish), to chicken, goat meat, cow meat, or even with assorted meat (a combination of cow or goat innards). As the name implies, it's super spicy and you can make it on a small budget too. 

3. Gizdodo: Whoever invented this treat deserves some accolades, because it takes a genius to merge gizzard and dodo (which we totally adore) to create this sort of finger-licking goodness. Just prepare your diced gizzards in a tomato-pepper sauce and then add diced fried plantain to it and mix it up. Gizdodo can be eaten 'alone' or used as garnishing for your jollof or fried rice. Yummy!

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