The bleaching cream entrepreneur and musician is more known for her rants, shades, controversial statements and style.

Dencia, who is also the owner of "Whitenicious" cream, took aim at Nigerian author, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie for criticizing Hillary Clinton.

Bounce News looks at 3 Nigerian celebrities that have entered the cross hairs of Manchester United midfielder, Paul Pogba's former girlfriend.

1. Chimamanda Adichie

After Chimamanda Adichie said she was disappointed with former first lady and presidential candidate Hillary Clinton for putting 'wife' first in her Twitter bio, when her husband Bill Clinton did not put 'husband' first, Dencia had to react.

The beauty entrepreneur accused the renowned  author of misleading her fans.

Dencia seems convinced that Adichie's followers do not know that she is the "average African woman."

See her posts below:

2. Yemi Alade

Yemi Alade started it.

In 2016, the 'Johnny' singer said she thinks Dencia should quit music. Dencia replied her one year later, when she called Yemi Alade 'ugly', insisting that they were not on the same level.

watch video below:

3. Toke Makinwa

Dencia called out Toke Makinwa for theft.

Dencia accused the brand ambassador for the cosmetics company called, Mecran Cosmetics, over stolen photos of success stories.

This happened after a fan called Dencia's attention to a photo shared by @Macrancosmetics showing a success story from the use of the "Whitenicious" products.

She issued a disclaimer against Toke Makinwa on Instagram page.