The ultimate beauty goal for every woman is to have blemish-free, glowing skin.

So we invest a small fortune in purchasing beauty product after beauty product, all in a bid to remain flawless. But do you know you can achieve flawless skin with items from your kitchen?

Items like lemon and aloe vera have been used in beauty products for years now, and these days, we're discovering that we can use them alone for even better results.

So, before you consider switching beauty products again, you may want to consider trying these natural products.


1. Honey

Honey is great for a bunch of reasons. It's naturally anti-bacterial and rich in anti-oxidants which makes it useful in fighting acne. More importantly, it's highly moisturising and a great complexion booster. Try mixing honey with turmeric, lemon or even oats for a DIY face mask.

2.  Lemon

Lemon is no stranger in the beauty industry. Known for its brightening attributes, lemon is rich in vitamin C and thus, antioxidants which also makes it great for fighting acne.

3. Tomatoes

Bet you didn't see that coming. Good, ol' tomatoes is as good for the skin as it is for a pot of jollof rice. Tomatoes act as a natural astringent fighting acne and even black heads. Tomatoes are best mixed with other natural products like avocado or lemon for an exfoliating DIY mask.