Gulder Ultimate Search (GUS) 2006 winner, Hector Jobarteh is dead and gone. It's sad, very sad.

He was felled by the bullets of supposed armed robbers who have been arrested by the Police in Lagos.

More intriguing is that the suspects have made disgustingly convincing confessions.

If found guilty, they are expected to get the maximum sentence for murder. But will that bring back the innocent dead?

Millions of gallons of tears cannot bring Hector back and no condolence message from the most powerful men on earth can console his young widow and children.

The deed is done but what have we learnt?

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Following the case from the beginning till the arrest of the prime suspect, Ismael Adeyemi, Bounce News correspondent has been left several times asking rhetorically “what if”.

What if some things were done differently, could Hector have escaped the death? Maybe.

1. When strangers ask for direction – You may never know when your dear neighbour is the target of killers.

As the principal suspect, Ismael Adeyemi, confessed, Hector had already escaped their chase but a neighbour helped them find him.

Not everyone that seems lost is actually lost.

“A woman came out brushing her teeth and my gang member told her that a car that just passed had hit our own car and the lady showed us the direction he drove.

“We found the house, located at a close and saw the car parked in the compound. We opened the gate and my partner repeated the same line that this car hit our own and damaged the glass...”

2. Next time you want to buy a used phone – Before you hand the money over, just have at the back of your mind that it could be a stolen phone whose owner may have been murdered.

The phone that was stolen from Hector at the crime scene was traced to a man and he led the police to those who sold it to him and of course the chain led to the suspected killers.

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Bounce News spoke to the buyer of the phone, the first suspect at the Force Headquarters. He was in tears, claiming he was not the one that killed Hector but that only knew the persons that sold the phone to him.

What if he was saying the truth. Imagine if that was you...


3. What if your plans and movement are kept personal? – Does that take much from you? I don’t think so.

Ismael Adeyemi told newsmen that a lady, through the phone, was responsible for all the information that helped his gang trace Hector from the airport to Oko Oba area of Lagos where he was killed.

The mystery lady gave them information like the colour of the car he drove and his location per time.

How the lady, if she truly exits, knew that much, we trust the police to unravel but what if Hector and his brother had used a different route.

What if they revealed less about their movement?


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