As far as solutions to the contentious issue of Fulani herdsmen attacks are concerned, the rave of the moment is the Cattle Colony.

It is a strange nomenclature being touted by Nigeria’s Minister of Agriculture, Audu Ogbeh as the final solution to incessant herdsmen attacks.

So, what exactly is a cattle colony? Here are 3 facts about the system:

1. Cattle Colony Is Not Cattle Ranch: According to Wikipedia, Cattle Colony is a place where cattle and its products such as beef, milk, hides and skin are traded. It could best be described as an abattoir.

So, if Fulani herdsmen knew this, they should be the ones protesting the idea since what they need is a ranch which is a designated parcel of land including a grass field to feed their cattle.

2. Cattle Colony Is Of Pakistani Origin: The cattle colony as the world knows it is a Pakistani idea. It is a place in the Karachi area of Pakistan where businesses of cattle – diary products and supply, abattoirs, meat warehousing – are carried out.

With this, it becomes obvious that the Minister is either unable to communicate his idea properly or has no idea what he is talking about.

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Murderous Fulani herdsmen who perceived their livelihood threatened has massacred thousands of innocent people across Nigeria and it is quite unclear how Minister Ogbeh’s cattle colony could be a solution.

3. No Other Place On Earth Has Cattle Colony: Once again, cattle colony as is practiced in Pakistan has remained a Pakistani thing. There is no other place on earth which has found the idea useful enough to implement it until Nigeria came along.

But even with Nigeria’s consideration, it is not clear what would be the fate of Ogbeh’s Nigerian version of the cattle colony. It seems dead on arrival since most states have rejected it. Unless, perhaps, the federal government decides to use its federal might to shove it down the throats of the Nigerian people.

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