It seems nearly every guy has a baby mama these days. It’s not a weird thing anymore; gone are the days when having a child out of wedlock was seen as a taboo or a thing of shame. Nowadays, it’s the norm. 

With that being the case, there’s always the possibility that as a single lady, you may one day come across a guy who you like or may eventually fall in love with, and later discover that he already has a child with someone else. 

As long as the guy in question is single and no longer romantically involved with his baby mama, nothing stops you from having a healthy, happy relationship with him. That he has a child with another woman before getting involved with you shouldn’t be a barrier to your relationship.
However, here are 3 important things to have at the back of mind to guide you if you are dating a man with a baby mama.

1. Don’t get involved in the drama

Whatever kind of drama going on between your man and the mother of his child is none of your business, so stay out of it. Don’t allow yourself to be dragged into any argument or conversation between them as long as it has nothing to do with you. Let them straighten things out between themselves. Be cordial with the baby mama as much as possible, and resist the urge to defend your man in her presence. Don’t get involved at all.

2. Be supportive and not judgmental

For the sake of peace, your man may let his baby mama get away with certain disrespectful behaviour. This does not mean that he is weak or afraid of her; it simply means he is mature and sensible enough to avoid unnecessary trouble. Rather than questioning his decision at such times, support him and avoid adding fuel to fire by labeling his peacekeeping attempt as cowardice

3. Consider your feelings

At the end of the day, your happiness is what should matter to you the most. If you don’t think you can handle the negative vibes between your man and his baby mama, or you don’t think being in the middle of an unending series of drama is what you want, then don’t bother continuing the relationship. Your peace of mind is too important to give up for anyone. 

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