Greed on the part of the bus owners may have had a role to play in the misfortune that befell 60 passengers after their bus crashed into a deep ravine.

The bus plunged about 24 metres (80 feet) in the upland province of Nueva Ecija before noon after its brakes failed while travelling on a windy road, police and local officials said. 

“The vehicle is totally wrecked,” said senior inspector Robert De Guzman, police chief of the town of Carranglan where the accident occurred. The impact appeared to have ripped the top off the vehicle, he added. 

“Almost all of the passengers, both dead and injured, were found outside the bus.” 

Authorities were still investigating the cause of the accident but Carranglan Mayor Mary Abad told ABS-CBN television there were 60 passengers onboard although the bus had a capacity of only 45. 

Abad added the wounded, some of whom sustained critical injuries, were rushed to nearby hospitals.