A 23-year-old virgin, who was raped on her way from a church service, is currently battling with a strange illness.

Busari Rukaya was defiled by a suspected land grabber in Ajegunle/Malato, Itaoluwo, Ikorodu area of Lagos State.

The seamstress, who is critically ill and receiving treatment in a private hospital, said she was defiled a fortnight ago, at about 2pm, on her way from Sunday service.

Rukayat said the suspect, Ade Ikudaisi, popularly called ‘Omo Iya Pupa’, was seated in front of his house as she passed by.

When she greeted him, he stretched his hand for a handshake after which she requested to send her on an errand.

The victim said she paused to listen to Ikudayisi only for the suspect to drag her into his room and charm her.

The Horror

Rukuyat stated that the suspect ordered her to undress after which he allegedly placed a traditional sash on her shoulder and a silver bead round her neck.

She claimed to have been forced to step on some cowries and Ikudayisi allegedly murmured incantations on two kolanuts which he inserted into her female organ.

As this was going on, her shouts for help yielded no result as nobody came to her rescue while her assailant also covered her mouth with a cloth.

The victim, who claimed to be a virgin at the time of the alleged rape, said she pleaded for mercy but quoted the suspect as insisting that what he required was a virgin.

She said, “I struggled with him till about 5pm but he overpowered me and raped me after which he threatened that I will bleed to death if I dared to expose him.

"I kept this to myself for days until I was struck with a strange ailment which compelled me to open up to my parents”.

On hearing her story, the parents reported the incident at the Sagamu Road Police Station where officers were assigned to the alleged scene of crime for investigation.

But on getting to the scene, it was learnt that the policemen requested that the suspect should follow them to their station but he excused himself to dress up only for him to escape through a back door.

It was learnt that all efforts to trace him proved abortive.

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