If you have been using your platform to promote discord, disunity or even hate speech ahead of the 2019 general elections, you should have a rethink and turn it into something that could bring bank credit alert to your mobile device. 

Some Nigerians are smiling now because they did.

The comedian I Go Dye has rewarded 5 Nigerians with the prize of $1000 (360,000 Naira) each for using their platform to promote peace before the 2019 elections.

Sharing the photos of the winners, Comedian I Go Dye wrote: “Today we present Francis Agoda Path of Honour peace prize of $1000 each to the winners for using their platform to promote peace for I Go Dye #istandforpeace2019elections campaign……The last winner didn’t qualify because he used someone’s else material, $1000 is still available for other contestants, so do your video with #istandforpeace2019elections tagged @igodye_Congratulations to @david_victorious,@radiospiceyemi,@the_kingcomedy, @mcabilitea#istandforpeace2019.

"I believe that today’s world is built around uncertainties because we neglect to promote peace beyond our immediate environment resulting to loss of life and property, which could have been managed or avoided if human resources development is given more fundamental priority and reward those that promote peace".

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