It is no longer news that popular televangelist, Reverend Chris Okotie wants Nigeria’s top job.

Top on his agenda if he is elected President of Nigeria is to dissolve the current machinery of government and institute an interim national government.

To achieve that goal, he has one request – that all the other Presidential aspirants should step down for him – a request many of the other candidates may consider bizarre.

Okotie, who is contesting under the Fresh Party, made this request in an interview he had with Daily Trust newspaper.

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Speaking on the interim national government proposal, Okotie said: “What I am saying is that the current arrangement in the political hemisphere is not workable because the political class has refused to recognise the seriousness of the existential adversary that confronts us at this time.

“We are at a juncture in our national evolution where we must come to a halt temporarily and have an ad hoc measure, which is the Interim National Government, to deal with the fundamental issues that beset our nation, and to restructure and change the Constitution. No extant government can do these things. That’s what I’m saying.”

On why other presidential candidates must step down for him, he said: “What I am saying is that all other parties should not field candidates against me in the 2019 presidential election so that it would be easy for me to set up the Interim National Government.

“If they don’t field candidates, it means I have won and what I’d do immediately is set up an ING instead of the normal or ordinary government that is put in place, where we have the legislature, judiciary and all of that that is not workable. An interim government will not need a legislature and it is at this time that we can redesign the political landscape.”

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