The All Progressives Congress (APC) saw the exodus that hit their ranks coming and tried to launch a countermove with series of meetings and promises that achieved nothing.

The Tuesday morning siege to the homes of Senate President and his deputy was seen as the last fight to stop the defection of its members in the Senate after dialogue failed.

However, Senate President Saraki seemed to be smarter than them as he emerged to preside over the plenary.

It was too late for APC. In the end, 15 senators ditched the governing APC for the PDP and other parties.

If you feel the number is nothing to be worried about, check out these three points.

1. PDP is now majority in the Senate

The development now means that the Peoples Democratic party (PDP) has become the majority.

PDP now has 58 senators, while APC has 48 and APGA maintains its one and only seat. Two seats are vacant.

The worst part of it for the APC is that both the Senate President and his deputy belong to this camp and it will become not just harder but practically impossible for the APC to get anything done or undone in the Senate.

Even though this does not make up the required two-thirds for decision making, we know tougher days lie ahead for the self acclaimed progressives.

2. Say ‘bye bye’ to Kano votes

We all remember how in 2015, Kano emerged as the game changer for the APC and their candidate, Muhammadu Buhari.

APC enjoyed what can only be described as a bloc vote from a city that offers millions of votes almost equivalent to three states in the south.

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Thanks to the likes of former Kano governor, Rabiu Kwankwaso, the masses together sang ‘Sai Baba’ and voted in unison.

Well, that monopoly just got damaged now that Senator Rabiu Kwankwaso has decamped. He is well loved in that state and will deliver millions of votes for the PDP in 2019.

We acknowledge the influence of other Kano bigwigs still on the other side but with a Kwankwaso out, they are no longer as potent as they were in 2015.

3. No South-West Stronghold

After Dr. Kayode Fayemi emerged winner of the Ekiti governorship election, a new song about the strength of APC in the region broke out in some quarters.

But look at the list of defectors, Oyo state APC alone lost Monsurat Sunmonu to ADC while Soji Akanbi moved to PDP. Although Akanbi later denied it, we believe their is no smoke without fire.

Also, in Ogun state, APC lost Lanre Tejuoso while they lost the duo of Lafiagi Shaaba and Ibrahim Rafiu in Kwara.

Recall they already lost one seat in Osun to PDP’s dancing senator, Ademola Adeleke while Ekiti already has the likes of Biodun Olujimi staying loyal despite recent disappointments.

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Even PDP’s Senator Fatima Raji-Rasaki who decided to defect chose the Social Democratic Party (SDP) over APC.

So, the fact that APC just won the Ekiti governorship election gives no assurance that they have the south-west locked down.

In the game of politics, perception is everything. The “our party” song will not fly in 2019.

So, APC had better start working on presenting quality candidates and reaching out to the people with PVC not just the ones with Twitter handles.

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