There is something new in town and very soon it will get to you.

But before then, you should know about it. 

On Thursday, November 15, President Muhammadu Buhari unveiled what he called "Buhari Unity band" that he hopes Nigerians will wear in their wrists to promote the unity of the nation.

It is green in colour with Unity and Peace written on it. It also has the map of Nigeria and the Coat of Arm in the middle. 

The fragility in the unity of Nigeria has continued to grow ever since Frederick Lugard, who was appointed to replace Egerton in 1914, was mandated to unite the Southern and Northern protectorates, making it a country Nigeria. 

Muhammadu Buhari launches unity hand band

It was a unification that barely sought the input of the persons leaving in the regions that were brought together. 

A civil war that had laid an axe at the root of the unity of the nation was also fought and it ended with a "No Victor No Vanquish" declaration, but all is still not at rest. 

A group in the South East Region, the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), which has now been proscribed and tagged a terrorists group, had whipped up secession agitations towards the end of 2017, when the military lunched a Python Dance operation in the region, all targeted at breaking up the country. 

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But at the event to launch the band, President Buhari expressed hopes that the band would remind Nigerians that the nation was stronger together.

He also emphasised the need for everyone to promote the unit of Nigeria. 

Unity Bank of President Muhammadu Buhari

The unity of the nation is not negotiable he has consistently said and here comes a green band targeted at binding the people together. 

Will this band bind the nation together or is it just a campaign strategy?

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