The presidential candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Atiku Abubakar, who members of his party are trusting to tug it out with President Muhammadu Buhari in 2019 and bring home the government in the centre, has gone to work ever since he was picked by the opposition party. 

He has been promoting '#LetsGetNigeriaWorkingAgain' since he declared interest in running for the presidency and on Friday he announced his next plan on the matter on Twitter.

A text accompanying a photo of himself sitting and reading a document which he posted on the social network read: "Reviewing the final text of the '#LetsGetNigeriaWorkingAgain' policy document to be presented to Nigerians".

Atiku Abubakar preparing #LetsGetNigeriaWorking Po

He did not give details of what the document will contain, but the document appears to have many pages. 

Earlier on Thursday, Mr Abubakar had assured labour unions, which are planning to embark on strike to push for a new National Minimum Wage policy, that he would be committed to their welfare should he win the presidential election of 2019. 

"I want the Nigerian Labour Congress, the Trade Union Congress and the generality of Nigeria’s workers to be assured of my commitment to the principle of a living wage for Nigeria’s workers," he said.

Mr Abubakar further highlighted what he had done to show how committed he was to the welfare of workers. 

He said: "In my private enterprises, I have shown commitment to the goose that lays the golden egg, and if given the opportunity, I shall extend that commitment to the public sector".

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