If you are Igbo and you live in the northern part of Nigeria, don’t bother running home during the elections next year. If you do, you will pay fine.

So, the administrative society of Igbo residents in the Northern states known as Igbo Delegates Assembly, IDA, has concluded plans to place a fine of undisclosed amount of money on anybody that runs to the Southeast during 2019 general election.

And the Igbo community in northeast has endorsed this move.

The Deputy Vice President of the Community Members Residing In Northeast Nigeria, Kenneth Okeugo, declared the support during an interview with Bounce News in Gombe.

He said: “We live in the north and we know those that always want to cause one problem or the other. We can no longer wait for people living in Enugu, Imo and other states in the South-east to decide for us.”

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“It is the sole responsibility of a government to provide security for its citizens and that any government that cannot guarantee the safety of its citizens have failed.

“So we have been reaching out to them to make the situation fine for our people, we will and vote in the North.”

He noted that the association has done its part and “it is now left for the politicians to make their campaign peaceful and make the society safe to enable people to go and cast their votes”.

He also revealed there are some states that may not be safe for their people, but that IDA is still studying those states that would soon be made public.

“We are watching their utterances and their body language. We have also asked our people there to watch out and feed us back, so until then we will make those places public and even go to the international community and tell them where we feel our people might be in danger,” he said.

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