Nigerian media personality Daddy Freeze is at it again. He is notorious for attacking and criticising some Christian doctrines.

He has attacked the General Overseer of the Mountain of Fire Ministries, Danel Olukoya, over his 2019 prophecies.

It was learnt that Olukoya had predicted that God would punish those involved in sexual perversion in the new year, 2019. 

However, Freeze, in a post on his Instagram page, wondered to which God the cleric was referring in his 2019 prophecies.

“My dear man, may I ask first which of the gods? Remember that in 2Cor4:4 Satan is described as the god of this earth, is he the one you are referring to?” Freeze asked.

“In the scriptures for Christianity, the penalty for sexual perversion is the same as that for the greedy, liars, thieves and those who practice sorcery and idolatry.”

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He added that “A GO said if you don’t pay tithe you won’t make heaven, HE IS A LIAR! Another GO has 4 private Jets, HE IS GREEDY!

”Is the Star of David found on the site of a GOs church not SORCERY? Is praying to plastic Chinese chairs and magic wands not idolatry?

“If Jesus didn’t collect tithes / first fruit, neither did his disciples nor the first churches, aren’t those collecting it thieves? I’m just asking o??

“In the book of Eziekel, God likened idolatry to sexual perversion. When a pastor overrides the word of God, his followers are practicing idolatry!

“Did that Gucci pastor not tell his followers that if God told him to stop sowing seeds he won’t listen, is that not idolatry?

“Kindly extend the warning to pastors as well, because according to the scriptures, sexual perversion, idolatry, greed and stealing are the EXACT SAME THING, so it’s rather hypocritical to address one while leaving out the other!”

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