Former Vice President Atiku Abubakar has described former President, Goodluck Jonathan as a hero of democracy in Nigeria, saying history will be fair to him.

Atiku made the assertion on Wednesday during a courtesy call on President Jonathan at his country home in Otueke, Bayelsa State.

The former Vice President said Jonathan’s exemplary decision to hand over  power without qualms was a historic decision that portrayed him as a democrat of unimpeachable credentials.

“I want to say without equivocation that history will be very kind to you. As the democrat that I have always seen, I want to say you have truly excelled,” the former ‎vice president said.

Atiku insisted that only the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP)  has the muscle to win the presidential election and return to Aso Rock in 2019.

“It is actually the PDP  that has the strength and structure to get back to Aso Rock. There is no other party that has the structure and strength like the PDP. Without PDP, All Progressives Congress (APC) should not have been in Aso Rock.”

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While expressing his disappointment with the state of affairs in the country Atiku raised several posers, saying: “Have we ever had this rate of unemployment and poverty in Nigeria? Have we ever had five sets of exchange rate before in this country? Have we ever had so much insecurity like this before? No! Have we ever been this divided before in this country? No!”

Atiku also declared that he has never diverted public funds to invest in his private business and challenged anybody with evidence to make it public.

Jonathan in his response noted that the party is getting stronger, affirming that PDP is now better poised to win the 2019 presidential election.

“Yes, we had some issues in 2015. But as you know, politics is a very dynamic business. I believe PDP is coming back and getting stronger. Even though we are in the opposition with fewer governors, PDP is still the strongest and largest party.”

Jonathan said he is pleased that the former Vice President who came to Bayelsa to inaugurate state government projects, was able to pay him a visit.

He added that he had enjoyed a long relationship with Atiku, beginning from when he was a Deputy Governor in Bayelsa State.