As the general election of 2019 draws nigh, different persons with the desire to unseat President Muhammadu Buhari spring up and join the race. 

Some political parties have over 8 persons vying for the position, while it appears that President Muhammadu Buhari is the sole candidate of the ruling All Progressives congress the same way Goodluck Jonathan emerged in 2015. 

He is the only one in the party that has bought the Presidential nomination form in the party. The form was actually received as a gift from a group. 

Some of these aspirants were brought together on Wednesday by the OrderPaper Advocacy Initiative at an event held at Eko Hotel, Lagos. 

It was a debate with the theme‘Oil Sector Reforms, Revenue and Stabilisation’ and Dr. SKC Ogbonnia, an expert in oil and gas, was there.

When it was his turn to speak on how he intended to address the issues in the oil sector in Nigeria and what reforms he would inject to take off opacity and sanitise the sector, he highlighted a few things in the sector and made a statement about the persons that funded President Buhari's 45 million Naira nomination form.

recharge card gift

Dr. Ogbonnia told the gathering that he would ensure that election funding was controlled by law to ensure that people usually referred to as a cabal do not carry out corrupt activities in the oil and gas sector. 

"I will establish election finance laws. 

"Who are those cabal that we are talking about? Those are the people who fund elections.   

"Those are the people who gave Buhari 45 million Naira last week and he took it. 

"When they go back and demand subsidy, you cannot punish them because the persons they funded are compromised. 

"Once you put a law in place to control election funding, you cut off their pipe.

"That is how they feed governance.

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"When you get into power without being indebted to the cabal there is no way the cabal will control your activities," he told the gathering.  

Dr. Ogbonniai also insisted that the Petroleum Industry Bill was not transparent enough, promising that he would bring into the bills needed checks and balances and also influence the National assembly to do his bidding. 

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