With over 2 million members of the Peace Corps, it's Commandant, Dickson Akoh, promises a thumbs up for President Muhammadu Buhari in 2019 if their bill gets signed into law. 

Earlier in the year, Buhari wrote to the National Assembly, giving reasons for vetoing the bill, one of which he cited was financial constraint.

But in an interview with selected journalists on Sunday evening, Akoh reveals the body's strategy for harnessing the 2019 elections.

He indicated that he had informed members of his body to get their Permanent Voters Card (PVC) which would serve as a criterion in renewing their identity cards. 

“I have made it a must that all Peace Corps in Nigeria, numbering over 157 thousand and our volunteer close to 2 million have been told that this is a time to make statement in democracy and then ordered them to renew their identity card next year so they must have PVC. Without PVC to vote, nobody would issue them identity card to any of our members nationwide.”

Mr. Akoh narrated how the body prayed and fasted “earnestly” for Nigeria to be out of recession.

According to him, now that the country is out of recession, President Muhammadu Buhari should sign the bill into law.


Financial constraint was one of the reasons Buhari gave when he declined assent to the bill earlier in the year.

The undeterred body insists that since their prayer has been answered, the bill should promptly be signed into law.

“The issue of recession is gone. You will recall when we held press conference, we prayed earnestly as Peace Corps of Nigeria for the country to get out of recession. We are out of recession. So if financial constraint is cited, I don’t think we are into that kind of recession.”

Akoh further noted that Buhari was not wrong in vetoing the bill rather he heaped blames on the agency who helped Buhari scrutinize the bill then “criminalize, label the good and noble intention of the youths”.

Meanwhile, despite the earlier rejection of the bill,  sources close to the President has hinted that the bill will be assented to before the end of September. 

According to the source, this would also be a strategy to gain more ground for Buhari's re-election