The nation is a united entity and it is indivisible, many Nigerian leaders insist.

But a group of persons under the proscribed Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), with its self-acclaimed leader, Nnamdi Kanu, are pushing for the actualisation of a secession dream. 

They wanted Biafra, but a lawmaker from the region where the push is loudest - South East - is giving a political solution to their desire. 

Ossy Prestige is a representative from APGA-Aba North/Aba South and he says the political solution to the agitation for Biafra is for Igbo people (Ndi Igbo) to elect leaders who will serve them selflessly.

The lawmaker gave the advice in Abia State, on Thursday during an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria.

Prestige noted that people were always forced to seek alternatives through agitations when their representatives were not giving them what they expected.

He, therefore, urged Igbo people to come out en masse and vote for credible candidates who are willing to serve self.

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“The refusal of some Igbo people to carry out their civic responsibilities will not resolve the issue of marginalisation which resulted in the revived agitation for Biafra,” he said.

He enjoined Igbo people in positions of leadership to seek the welfare of their people rather than enthroning selfish interests that rob the people of their dues through their representatives.

The lawmaker, who noted that although he was facing a troubling opposition from the PDP-led state government in Abia, said he was not in competition and could not compete with them.

He claimed that he was in government to serve the people and not to create problems through unnecessary ego contests which levy huge losses on the people.

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