Lagos State chapter of the All Progressives Congress  (APC) may have split as a new group called the Broom United Movement (BUM) has emerged to challenge the leadership in the state.

The formation of BUM comes barely a week after the national leader of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Senator Bola Tinubu started his assignment as head of the reconciliation committee of the party.

The split in the Lagos APC might have made the work of the national leader difficult as those involved in the rebellion are from his base and known followers of Tinubu.

The new group is being promoted by Fouad Oki, a former Director General of Governors Tinubu, Tunde Fashola and Akinwunmi Ambode’s campaign organisations.

The splinter group accused the party leadership in the state of engaging in “illegalities, manipulation and marginalisation against members".

At the inauguration of BUM in Lagos on Tuesday, Oki warned that unless genuine reconciliation is allowed to take place, the party may be heading for a crisis and a disaster in an election year.

Oki lamented that there are no templates established to promote inclusiveness and equity in the party.

“Today, our party in Lagos State is fading into insignificance. Massive membership exclusion is becoming the order of the day with members withdrawing from the political space and constituting themselves into internal opposition.

“It is in the light of all these, that the BUM will involve committed party members who will bring moral authority, character and wisdom in handling the delicate issue of reconciliation, unity and accord Oki said.”

He assured party members that from now on, their “votes will count and will be allowed to freely choose their leaders in a healthy competitive atmosphere.”

The BUM Leader stated that the APC in the state “has never been this divided and disunited. The current graveyard silence that permeates our political landscape with a ‘siddon look’ syndrome is very dangerous,” adding that political parties are vital organisations in a democracy, and democracy is stronger when citizens become active members of political parties parties.”

Oki said that this unfortunately is what is lacking in party management in the state. “Unfortunately, the democratic culture in our state is characterised by factors such as illegalities, rigging, oppression, manipulation, marginalisation and violence.”

He warned: “Democracy and political participation are related to good governance; this relationship is complementary but appear to be antithetical in our political system. When democracy is abused, good governance becomes elusive and evasive.”


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