To all doubting Thomases, President Muhammadu Buhari says he would guarantee free and fair polls in 2019 by ensuring a level-playing field.

Buhari on Monday alleged that in past elections when he contested before he won eventually in 2015, votes were “awarded” to the winners to deny him victory.

Buhari spoke at the Presidential Villa in Abuja when he received a delegation from the International Republican and National Democratic Institute, United States of America.

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The delegation was led by Ambassador Linda-Thomas Greenfield.

Buhari stated, “I am glad you are here to assess our pre-election preparations. It reminds me of the visit by the then Secretary of State, John Kerry, before the 2015 polls. We appreciate the concern of America for stability in developing countries.

“Having run for President three times, ending up at the Supreme Court all three times, before God and technology made a way for me the fourth time, I know what it is to be cheated at the polls.

“What they used to do was just to award votes and tell anyone who was dissatisfied to go to court. But we won’t do that. I am prepared to give the opposition the opportunities I was not given in the past.”