Senate President, Bukola Saraki says he is sure of emerging as the Presidential candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party(PDP) in the party’s October 6 primary.

Saraki, who stated this on Friday, said his desire to become Nigeria’s President is not just an ambition but a reality.

He therefore enjoined Nigerians to stop President Muhammadu Buhari’s plan to continue in office beyond 2019.

Saraki stated that voting out Buhari is the only way to ensure national unity and security.

The Senate President, who was in Owerri- the Imo State capital to meet with PDP supporters ahead of the party's presidential primary, noted that “Nigeria has never been so divided in ethnicity, politics and religion”.

According to him, “Nigeria needs a President who would unite all parts of the country, respect national character, grow local businesses and support entrepreneurial skills”.

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He observed that “poverty, lost of job opportunities, hardship were currently on the increase”.

Saraki noted further that, “Nigeria has never been this divided. People are afraid to be called Nigerians. Ethnicity and religion have taken over. There is no inclusion anymore, no fairness, no Federal Character”.

He continued that, “no job, businesses are dying. Survival of businesses is survival of the country. Poverty is everywhere.”

He said that if not for God and the masses, Buhari would have removed him as the president of the senate three years ago.

According to him, ”I will continue to fight for the masses. We have to change the leadership. We need a leadership that would ensure justice and fair distribution of national appointments. As a president, I will ensure everybody has a seat on his table. I will restore global reputation. Countries are built by handwork and vision.

“South East people are hardworking, their entrepreneurial spirit is wonderful .As a president, I will partner south East to emerge the next tiger of Africa in business .You don’t build what you don’t have. I therefore appeal to the delegates to vote wisely.

“We must change Buhari with a man that has capacity ,integrity and vision in order to realise our potentials. I believe in restructuring that would give states opportunities to realise their potentials. I promoted made in Aba products.As a president i will support local businesses and ensure property.

” We need to have a President that will ensure prosperity, nobody wants a hand out. I am committed to the development of Southeast because it is in the best interest of Nigeria. You need the President that has the youthfulness, the energy to deliver.”

Chairman of PDP in Imo state, Charles Ezekwem, said that Igbo were interested in a presidential candidate that would restructure the country and create an additional state in the south East.

Ezekwem said ” I have seen everything positive in Saraki.His defection made PDP chances of clinching the president easy.
Igbo want restructuring and fairness. Saraki has the capacity, strength, pedigree, academic background to move Nigeria. “

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