If you have been dumping refuse anywhere you see in Lagos State, get ready for an epidemic is coming. 

The weather is hot and different diseases are in the air looking for human vessels to contain them, and that is why an Environmentalist, Mrs Glory Williams, is warning residents of the over 20 million population city against the danger of an epidemic. 

Mrs Williams said on Monday that there is a possibility of an epidemic in various parts of Lagos State due to the indiscriminate dumping of waste on  major streets and roads in the state.

Giving her opinion on environmental conservation in the metropolis, she told the News Agency of Nigeria in Lagos that the dumping of waste on major streets and roads in the Okokomaiko area of the state called for concern.

She urged the Lagos State Government to urgently evolve measures to avert the danger.

Williams said: “It seems to have become a tradition in many parts of the state for people to dispose of their domestic waste on the roads and the stench was making life unbearable for both passersby and nearby residents.

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“The worst case scenario is the Alaba Rago axis where cart pushers have turned the area into a huge dumpsite, within a neighbourhood of over 4,000 inhabitants.

“It is unfortunate that most of the perpetrators of this environmental nuisance are oblivious of their acts or inactions.

“We must not wait until we are consumed before we halt the ugly trend that is creeping into our living standards.

“It is time both the public and private social health workers go on to the field and educate the masses on the dangers of such actions".

She called on the local and state authorities to move to action and forestall what she referred to as a human-induced danger.

At different locations in Lagos, one will find heaps of waste dumped indiscriminately by residents of the city.

The situation became worse few weeks to the period that the state governor lost a second term bid and everything has remained the same in most areas. 

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