A vast majority of women, especially nursing mothers in Internally Displaced Camps in Benue State have vowed never to vote for President Muhammadu Buhari in the 2019 elections.

The victims, who say they are suffering after they were displaced and chased away from their homes by incessant herdsmen attacks, said they have become disillusioned by the Buhari-led government.

The aggrieved women expressed regret that the President has not cared to visit any of their camps to condole with them and see the level of their suffering as well as the trauma their children are forced to endure.

They said that Buhari's his inaction clearly suggest he does not have the love of the people at heart and as such did not deserve to get their votes.

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The people expressed worry that armed Fulani herdsmen are still occupying their villages and there is no hope of them returning home to farm and feed their children.

One of the nursing mothers, Mnena Jimin, who spoke with journalists at the camp bemoaned the level of destruction of farm crops and houses by the herders.

Jimin, a mother of six, said life has become miserable for her entire family, more so as her children are grossly malnourished owing to lack of proper feeding.

"Left for me, Buhari does not deserve to come back in 2019 and even if he does, women will not vote for him again.

"Look at what has happened; it is not my wish to run away from my house to come and be sleeping in this camp because of Fulani."

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Another nursing mother from Yelwata at Tse-Ate community, Mnguashima Ate, said there was no way anybody would go back home now because their communities are still being occupied by the herdsmen.

"As I speak with you now, the Fulani herdsmen are still occupying our places.

"Everything including the crops we harvested from our farms have been burnt and some eaten up by Fulani cows.

"Our children can no longer go to school. Here in the camp, we are not properly catered for and life is unbearable.

"So, there is just no way will anyone convince me to vote Buhari in 2019. What for? Nobody hears him talk about the killings in Benue State.

"The other day he said the killers were from Libya but how can aliens penetrate a country without the President knowing nothing about it?

"So I see no need voting for Buhari."

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