Campaigns are here and they are picking up gradually. 

But Nigerians are not seeing activities, as they saw in 2015 and people are wondering if the current government and even the opposition will apply a fire brigade approach in their campaigns after all they are Nigerians and are familiar with the fire brigade approach tactic. 

'Everywhere is tight,' some persons are already saying.

On Wednesday, President Buhari added salt to the pepper, sending a subtle warning that if anyone holds an elaborate campaign in Nigeria at this time, you will be able to justify where the money came from. 

Will the APC have a low key campaign?

Is President Muhammadu Buhari under any pressure to bring out money from the treasury and share to voters to buy votes and have the people rejoice on the day of election like it was in recent governorship elections?

These questions will run through your mind after reading what President Buhari said. 

"I have made it clear to Government officials that there will be no money from the treasury for use in the 2019 campaign.

"I will not authorise that," he said.

President Buhari has been identified as 'Mr integrity' before he came into government as no one could tell him he was corrupt and produce evidence prior to the time he won the 2015 presidential election. His only sin then was that he never held a Secondary School Leaving Certificate. 

Now, however, so many persons have accused him of aiding corruption for not taking what they called firm action against Governor of Kano over video of him allegedly receiving kickback. 

There is also that of the former Secretary to the State Government whom was also embroiled in an alleged case of corruption. 

These are stories for another day. 

Back to present day, the statement President Buhari released read: "One of the legacies I would like to leave behind is the clean-up of campaign financing in Nigeria".

And for those hoping that the 'money rain' experienced in Ekiti and Osun governorship elections would fall in February when the elections begin, President Buhari wants them to forget that thought in their dream. 

"We cannot and will not share money from the treasury to prospective voters. Nigerians have long sought for change and only the All Progressives Congress (APC) can deliver — and is delivering — that change.

"Our people can no longer be swayed by money politics," he said.

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It is a statement made like a promise and reactions have trailed it.

There are those who do not believe in the statement, but concluded that it was a political flip-flop targeted at swaying Nigerians' votes. 

There are yet others who thanked the president and believed his words. 

A closer look at these mixed reaction showed that there was still this divide among them. There were signs of ethnic, religious and political inclination in their comments.

Talking of money from treasury not coming out, some political office holders may now have to resort to tampering with the allocation that will come to their states for January.

Except the president is saying that the allocation will not be released to these government officials when it is time for it to come until after the election.  

Nigerian workers, who have suffered months of non-payment of salaries may have to add January to the number of months their 'task masters' are owning them. 

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