Nigerian politics should have taught citizens never to take the words of an opposition party as fact.

Most times, it has been found out that lies and blackmail are the major tools of opposition as long as the end justifies the means.

But on few occasions, it is necessary to critically assess the allegations that fly back and forth between them.

The PDP had a shaky start to life as opposition but lately they seem to have learned the tricks from their mentors, so we will take this cautiously.

When President Buhari declared readiness to seek re-election into office, many wondered why the sudden announcement from a man whose body language didn’t show enthusiasm towards second term.

Now, there seems to be a special reason behind that ‘sudden’ decision to declare intention for second term and the PDP say they know it.

The spokesperson of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Mr Kola Ologbodiyan wants you to know that President Buhari was just scared.

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"Forget about all the people clamouring for his re-election, forget about the crowd that greeted him at Kano during his visit. And that threat to sue him if he doesn’t recontest? That was just one man.

“You saw when the PDP was in Dutse, Jigawa state. You also saw the PDP had its zonal rally in the home state of Mr President, Katsina.

“It was the mammoth crowd that came out in Katsina to receive PDP; that was the force that drove him to make his sudden and desperate declaration to run for second term,” he said.

But what makes the president desperate? 

“In our political history, particularly modern political history since 1999 till date, President Muhammadu Buhari is the first incumbent president that would declare a second term interest one clear year ahead of the election,” he said.

Isn’t that supposed to be a good thing? A show of seriousness and honesty? 

The PDP man would have none of that, he insisted that in the Nigerian political system, politicking is usually a distraction to a sitting government.

Therefore, a serious government would not allow such ambition to distract them. 

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As far as they are concerned, he is just another aspirant and one that has not listened to the drumbeats on the streets, otherwise he wouldn’t bother making a declaration.

Are we then to believe that the president is not ready or equipped for the second but only declared out of fear that he was losing popularity in his home state? 

How far can one believe an allegation PDP makes against the APC? Is the student beginning to outwit the teacher?

You do not bite the finger that fed you, do you? The battle for 2019 is already getting entertaining.