In the past, the blind and visually impaired couldn’t vote independently and privately in Nigeria.

The process made it such that a blind person needs help from another person to read their ballot paper.

Approximately 4.25 million Nigerians are blind or visually impaired, and nearly 15% of the population live with some form of disability.

Taking this into consideration, the electoral body, the Independent Electoral Commission (INEC) has finally launched a braille ballot guide, estimated to have cost the country at least 36,300,000 Naira.

This Braille guide was first tested at the Osun and Ekiti state gubernatorial elections and is now being rolled out across the country.

This will allow visually impaired voters to independently cast their votes for the first time.

INEC  will also be deploying wheelchairs for ease of movement of people who cannot walk and glasses for people with poor eyesight.

These two new additions were first used during the Anambra state elections.

This election is definitely all inclusive.

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