Five governors of the Peoples Democratic Party are reportedly seeking a secret pact with President Muhammadu Buhari ahead of February 2019 elections.

The governors- two from South South and three from South East are seeking a deal for Buhari’s re-election in return for them to retain their seats.

Reports have it that the governors have already contacted the APC on the issue and with one contacting the President in faraway China.

The governors are striking the deal in the heat of defections with the latest being that of Cross River State, Donald Duke who moved to SDP.

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According to reports, one of the five governors initiated the “deal” and its positive outcome has attracted the others.

Presidential sources said: “The five governors are lobbying APC leaders to help cut a deal with President Buhari by which the President will allow them to be re-elected in return for their support for Buhari to win the presidential election in those PDP states.

“The arrowhead of the group (from the South South) has been talking to two APC governors. He is pleading with the governors to present the request of the five PDP governors to the President ahead of a likely face-to-face meeting.”

The arrowhead has started mounting pressure on the two APC governors in Nigeria and has continued with the pressure during the ongoing visit of the President to China.

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