The Presidential candidate of the Allied Congress Party of Nigeria (ACPN), Dr. Obiageli Ezekwesili, reeled out some of her manifestos and highlighted five economic philosophies of her party. 

She held a press conference at the Sheba Centre in Ikeja on Monday and expressed her party's commitment to lifting Nigeria out of its present economic state. 

The target of people to be lifted from poverty, she says, are 80 million.

Dr. Ezekwesili says these economic philosophies are the fundamental principles and concepts that will guide her party's governance. 

1. Vigorous Market Economy Reforms

The former Minister of Education said she had a strong belief in the dominant economic role of the private sector and was committed to launching vigorous market economy reforms.

She says these reforms will come through policy, effective regulation and catalytic public investment in the provision of basic services for people and businesses, we will accelerate and expand the sources of growth in the economy.

2. Deregulation of Nigeria's Economy

Nigeria's economy is crawling and the recession of 2016 took the hands of time back for the oil-rich nation.

The ACPN presidential candidate told the gathering that her party would implement a massive programme of deregulation of the Nigerian economy to unleash the depth of competition and efficiencies necessary for higher and deeper economic growth and expansion of the economy.

"The division and re-balancing of roles between business and government will reduce opportunities of corruption and bottlenecks that limit the competitiveness of the Nigerian economy," she says.

3. Inclusive Growth To Lift Poverty

The ACPN will pursue a growth at is inclusive, she says, expressing enthusiasm that it is necessary for lifting the poor to an improved state of well-being.

Oby Ezekwesili gives her party's philosophy

"Research has shown us that the poor are uplifted faster in a market economy cushioned by relevant safety nets," she stated.

4. Improve Productivity And Competitiveness 

Dr. Ezekwesili said her party was also dedicated to improving the Productivity and Competitiveness of Nigeria and Nigerians in every sector of economic activity.

This dedication would show with the elimination of barriers and providing a menu of sound policy measures.

5. Ease Of Doing Business

She also said her party would be deliberate in easing the 'Doing Business' environment, assuring Nigerians that it would not just be for major businesses in Nigeria but for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises, which are the lifeblood of Nigeria's economy. 

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"The main way out of poverty is for people to earn incomes.

"The main way for people to earn incomes is by having profitable work to do," she said.

She acknowledge that the current government's cash transfer to the poor was a good development, but said her party had a better way of giving the poor a greater future. 

"Social safety nets like cash transfers to the poor are good, but they must only be a side component to a private-sector driven jobs strategy.

"When people have profitable work to do, it leads to inclusive growth and productivity of our economy.

"Clearly there is a link joining it all together: Our growth and productivity can only happen when our people have lots of jobs and when they earn incomes that pull them out of poverty," she added.

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