Living a hygienic life is no longer a matter of choice but a must and it's failure will attract a dire consequence.

However some families in Ondo state are presently in distress and striving to secure the release of their loved ones who ran fowl of the state environmental law on Saturday.

The state commissioner for environment, Funso Esan who led other top management staff of the state waste management authority round during the exercise on Saturday, confirmed that about 20 people were arrested.

"If they are able to pay the fine, they will be released but if not, they will serve the required jail term in prison as stipulated by law," he revealed.

A wife to one of the offenders, Kafayat Aderemi pleaded to the state authorities to temper justice with mercy.

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"My husband is an okada rider. He only went to drop one of his passengers who was traveling to Lagos very early in the morning but unfortunately, he was arrested while returning because he could not beat the 7am sanitation time.

"He was told to pay 20,000 naira fine, but I don't know where we can raise that money right now. I have contacted friends and families for assistance since yesterday, but nothing is coming forth.

"What he makes on Okada business is barely enough to sustain us daily. I plead to the state government to be merciful on us" she added.

Her case was just one out of the 20 offenders' relatives who chose to plead for mercy rather than face the implication or devising means of securing their release.

Out of the twenty suspected lawbreakers, not less than ten of them were said to have had a similar story while the remaining were trapped by negligence and ignorance.

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