The day started like every other day for them as they resumed at the factory to commence work.

They were discharging their duties as usual not knowing what fate had in store for them.

A loud explosion was heard and a very thick cloud of smoke enveloped the atmosphere. 

By the time the smoke faded a little, 20 workers had lost their lives.

It was unclear what caused the blast, but it was suspected that a worker may have callously tossed a burning beedi (a local type of cigarette) inside.

"What exactly triggered the fire is not yet known. It is possible that someone might have thrown a burning beedi," he told the Press Trust of India.

"A total of 20 charred bodies have been pulled out of the factory while dozens of employees managed to escape unhurt.

"Firefighters spent two hours bringing the major blaze under control.

"The rescue operation is over now, we have cleared the place and thankfully no one is trapped inside," he added.