This is the fourth time in 6 months that police officers have been killed in Anambra state close to Onitsha area.

The unfortunate incident occurred late on Monday while the officers where on patrol. 

An eyewitness account suggests the sudden attack by the armed men caught the officers of guard. Both officers, a sergeant and a corporal were shot at close range.

The junior officer died on the spot while the sergeant was reportedly rush to the Nnamdi Azikwe Universiy Teaching Hospital where he was confirmed dead on arrival.

The commotion forced traders in the affected area to abandon their stalls and shops while some residents have been forced to flee in search of safer grounds.

Police authorities in the state have confirmed the incident but could not elaborate on the circumstances that led the death of both officers.

The eyewitness claims that the assailants left the scene with one AK-47 rifle as they sped away on a motorcycle.