There was panic within some local councils in Osun state after a staple meal - Amala was suddenly prohibited by residents in every home and bukka.

What Really Happened?

Mrs Kehinde Fasanya worked as a local council worker. She was delighted to have gotten home early enough to have a sweet meal of Amala and soup after a long day at the office.

Mrs Kehinde Fasanya died after eating Amala in her home

A few minutes later, she and 5 other people who has participated in the meal complained of tummy aches with varying levels of severity.

Mrs Fasanya and one other person died on their way to hospital to receive treatment while 4 others, who merely tasted the meal, have been admitted into the intensive care unit at a private hospital.

The corpses of those that died have been deposited at the mortuary of the Osun State General Hospital at Asubiaro in Osogbo for autopsy.

In the meantime, the state's Commissioner for Health, Rafiu Isamotu said necessary steps have been taken to unveil the circumstances surrounding mysterious deaths.

He said the preliminary findings revealed that the family members had been eating from the same yam flour in the past weeks and that the poison in the food could be in the stew.

Isamotu, who was at the hospital alongside the Director of Public Health, Dr Adepoju Gbenga said experts have been deployed to the house where the family members ate to take samples of the soup which will be analysed at a laboratory.