It was an elaborate scheme planned and executed by Grace Akin Taro and Victoria Nwogu 

They created a fake dating website and used it to collect money from men. They are great tricksters, but their smartness is not saving them from being sent to jail.

They have  been convicted of being part of a romance fraud which tricked 7 men into parting with more than £100,000.

Grace Akintaro, 24, of Pettacre Close, SE28 pleaded guilty to seven counts of fraud by false representation at Woolwich Crown Court on Monday, 12 June.

At the same hearing, Victoria Nwogu, 22, of Piedmont Road, SE18 pleaded guilty to a charge of acquiring criminal property (money laundering). 

The women will both be sentenced at the same court on Tuesday, 20 June.

Officers from the Met's Fraud and Linked Crime Online (FALCON)  began investigation 3 years ago, following a referral from Action Fraud after 4 men, living in different areas of the UK, had contacted Action Fraud to report that they were victims of a romance fraud scam.

During FALCON’s enquiry into the scam they uncovered, 3 more victims were later identified after investigations.

The men all  believed they had struck up a relationship with a woman called Amanda Jenson on a dating website.

After being asked if they could cover her travel costs to meet up, the men agreed to pay money directly into her bank account. Various excuses were then given to each man to explain why Amanda could not see them on the set date. 

However, she would ask for more money and promise to meet up another time.

None of the men ended up meeting Amanda, despite transferring thousands of pounds to her bank account. 

Akintaro admitted she spoke to at least 2 of the victims on the phone pretending to be Amanda Jenson.