The O2 Arena in London seats 20,000 guests.

After his concert at the O2 Arena, the musician shed happy tears for fulfilling his dream of selling out the popular arena.

UK rapper, Russ Millions, who performed at the event, said there were 17,000 guests at the event, and this has made people and media establishments question if he really sold out the arena.

Artiste manager, Kaycee Oguejifor believes that 17, 000 guests is equivalent to a sellout.

“He sold out the venue. The truth is every single person cannot show up. It is not possible, there would be things that would make them not show up even if they have bought the ticket

Let us assume that it is 17,000 people that showed up, that means that there is a 3,000. The numbers are high enough for the spaces to be ignored.” He explained.

Davido has now set his sights on America to sell out concert venues.

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