Everyone desires to be healthy and live long, but staying alive and healthy requires both faith and works. Especially good works.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) knows what you need to do to fulfill your dreams here on earth.

Here are 12 Habits the WHO Says Will Keep You Alive

1. Eat A Healthy Diet. Eating healthy diets begins by knowing your daily dietary needs. You may require a health coach to help you. Find a health coach and you are on your way to eating healthy. 

2. Be Physically Active Every Day. Make being active your way of live. Find every little opportunity to exercise each passing day.

3. Get Vaccinated. There is a vaccine for most disease in existence. Get to the hospital and ask the right question and you will get the vaccine.

4. Don't Use Any Form Of Tobacco.

5. Avoid Or Minimise Use Of Alcohol.

6. Manage Stress For Your Physical And Mental Health. There are several ways you can manage stress. Find some tips here.

7. Practice Good Hygiene.

8. Don't Speed Or Drink And Drive.

9. Wear A Seat-Belt When Driving And Helmet While Cycling.

10. Practice Safe Sex. Do not let few minutes of ecstasy deprive you of your life time pleasure.

11. Regularly Check Your Health. Find time to visit the hospital for check-up. Most ailments are curable when they are detected early enough.

12. Breast Feeding Is Best For Babies. WHO recommends 6 months exclusive breastfeeding for nursing mothers.

Some mothers say it is difficult to follow through but a mother has an idea of how it could be made easy. Read her story here