As the good book says, Give to Caesar what belongs to Caesar.

About 12 companies in Delta are learning this dictum the hard way.

They have had their businesses shut down by state authorities in Delta for failing to pay their fair share of the tax.

On Friday, the Delta Board of Internal Revenue (DBIR) sealed the 12 companies, hotels and schools in Warri.

According to the DBIR’s Director (Enforcement and Compliance), Joel Ogege, the companies were shut over accumulated Personal Income Tax liabilities totaling more than 10 million naira.

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Ogege, who led the team, said that the tax liabilities ranged from between 500,000 to 3 million naira.

“We were left with no option after the defaulters ignored several notices, including Court orders,” he said.

But many more companies will still fall under the government's hammer soon as Ogege confirmed that the exercise is continuous, stressing that no defaulter would be spared.

Some other outfits sealed were oil and gas firms, private schools, supermarkets and hotels.

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