We are still mourning the death of Dr. Allwell Orji who jumped off the 3rd mainland bridge and here is another case of suicide.

A female student of the Moddibo Adama University of Technology in Yola has killed herself after discovering she failed 9 compulsory courses.

The 100 level student of the Department of Management; School of Management and Information Technology (SMIT) killed herself by ingesting insecticide at her hall of residence, Oba Adetona Hostel.

The school authority is yet to issue a statement.
The school, which was formerly called Federal University of Science and Technology, Yola, FUTY, before the name was changed in 2011 to MAUTECH, is rumored among students to be a tough institution to pass through.

Reports suggest students have in the past taken such drastic steps after discovering that they performed woefully.