There is a birthday gift that is tearing the internet apart, drawing all sorts of comments, with questions on why people cry that there is no money in Nigeria.

The recipient of the gift, a girl identified as Nihat is just 16 years and the giver, her boyfriend, identified as Zubairu, is a first year student of a university in Nigeria.

According to reports, the handing over of the gifts happened in Abuja, Nigeria's capital city.  

He wanted to make her birthday a memorable one and he got her a Mercedes Benz, an iPhone X Max and an iWatch.

Expensive birthday gifts are popular among politicians and people in the entertainment industry, but the 100 level student has succeeded in drawing enough eyeballs to himself and his girl. 

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Some have asked how legal it is for a 16-year-old to drive in Nigeria while others raised questions bothering on whether she was old enough to have a relationship that kissing is involved - something about culture and traditional getting gradually buried. 

People also raised questions about what the the boy did to raise such money or who his father was. Ask the EFCC. 

If you are interested in the cost of the entire birthday gifts here is a rough calculation.

The C300 4matic is about 4.5 million Naira if you get a good buy while the iPhone X Max is over 455,000 Naira (a good buy)

The price of an iWatch varies depending on the series, but there is one that costs as much as 245,000 Naira.

A lot of money, going down for a birthday, you will say, but some persons on social networks have questioned why anyone should be concerned. 

"Is it your money? Is it your love?" they asked. 

See comments trailing this viral video.