Sunday, October 1, is a day the United States government and residents of Las Vegas will not forget in a hurry.

A concert had ended abruptly after a man, Stephen Paddock, opened fire on concertgoers, killing at least 58 of them.

Over 500 people were injured in the deadliest mass shooting in modern U.S. history.

Here 10 things to know about the man that rained bullets on innocent people:

1.      Stephen Paddock was born on April 9,1953

2.       He was an accountant and a licenced pilot

3.      He had no child

4.       He only stayed married to Peggy Okamoto for 5 years before their divorce in 1990

5.       Mr Paddock loves gambling and likes to bet big. He could lose $1 million and still have enough to live by, his brother, Eric Paddock, said.

6.       He was worth more than $2 million

7.        The Las Vegas gunman owned homes in 4 states but preferred staying in casino hotels, sometimes for months at a time

8.       He grew up the son of a convicted bank robber who was constantly running from the law

9.       Stephen Paddock likes country music,

10.   In the last two years, he had bought and sold property in several states - California, Nevada, Florida and Texas.


His brother said he had no link with any organisation, but ISIS has claimed Paddock was one of its soldiers.

The FBI has, however, dismissed the claim, but investigation is still on to find out why he killed over 58 people.

Donald Trump has extended his condolence to the families affected and described the act as ‘pure evil’.

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