Technology is taking over everything we do, raising fears that more jobs would be lost to it in coming years. 

Artificial intelligence and automation have become the talk of the town and everything around us is changing.

In the workplace, this situation is threatening to take jobs away from those that do not have the necessary skills needed to survive.

If you want to be part of this future that technology is creating, you will need these skills.

Global training consultants at Guthrie Jensen said that by 2020, millions of jobs would be destroyed as a result of the automation that is coming to workplaces.

“We are stepping into the fourth industrial revolution that builds upon the innovation of the third industrial revolution.

“It will revolutionalise industries all over the world.

“New fields will be created in line with artificial intelligence, internet of things, self-driving vehicles, nanotechnology, renewable energy, quantum computing and biotechnology,” a publication on their website read.

Because of this explosion, in new fields, new markets will emerge, which will require a new set of skills for employment. 

The Skills You Need

1. Complex Problem Solving

The skill to see relationships between industries and craft creative solutions to the problems that are yet to appear is a must to keep up with Artificial Intelligence machines.

This is why a new job seeker should take his or her time to research on the company of prospect to know what their challenges are and do critical reasoning to provide solutions.

2. Critical Thinking

People who can turn data into insightful interpretations will be sought after due to the complexity and interconnectedness of various fields like computer science, engineering and biology.

3. Creativity

The quality of randomness and the ability to build something out of ideas is a skill that will pay off now and in the future.

4. People Management

Robots may acquire analytical and mathematical skills, but they can't replace humans in leadership and managerial roles that require people skills.

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5. Coordinating with others

Effective communication and team collaboration skills will be a top demand among job candidates in any industry.

6. Emotional Intelligence

Qualities that relate to emotional intelligence such as empathy and curiosity will be a big consideration factor for hiring managers of the future.

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7. Judgement and Decision Making

The Ability to condense vast amounts of data with the help of data analytics, into insightful interpretations and measured decisions is a skill that will be useful in the information age.

8. Service Orientation

People who know the importance of offering value to clients in the form of services and assistance will be in demand, as businesses would want to provide solutions to the problems of society.

This is why you should begin to acquire new skills that you can sell to people who will be willing to pay.

9. Negotiation

The ability to negotiate with businesses and individuals to come up with a win-win situation is a skill that will be needed to survive in affected industries.

10. Cognitive Flexibility

The ability to switch between different persons to accommodate the challenge at hand will be important to be successful in combined industries.

Now that you know, begin to pursue these skills to ensure that you remain in demand. 

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