Two years from now, a lot must have changed, as the world witnesses revolutions in different industries, forcing some persons out of jobs while new opportunities are being created daily.

While you make your choice of a career, it is okay to have an understanding of what thrives and is largely demanded in different industries.

Guthrie Jensen in a publication highlighted the 10 most in-demand jobs by 2020.

1. Data Analysts

Huge amounts of data are pouring out on a daily basis from social networks and other analysis. Companies and individuals are needing these data to make decisions about finance and the future.

Persons who could master how to analyse data in a profitable way to any organisation will land good jobs in different industries. 

2. Medical Technicians, Physical Therapists and Workplace Ergonomics Experts

As always, people in this field are in high demand, as the world is still in shortfall of medical doctors when you compared data on the population and the number of persons that are in this field. 

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3. Sales and Marketing Specialists

Machines have not been able to take over jobs of marketers especially when a face-to-face conversation needs to happen to land a deal. 

People who will take up career in this sector will be in high demand by 2020, the training consultants at Guthrie Jensen said. 

4. Customer Service representatives

A good relationship between companies and their customers or the public is necessary to retain customers and even gain more number.

Companies are consistently looking for persons who have the magic wand that could keep customers and help build a great customer-base in this highly competitive era. 

5. Management Analysts

Persons who are able to look the current trends, circumstances and challenges of an organisation to draw or propose ways to improve efficiency will be in high demand. 

Anyone that will develop a career in this line stand a great chance of h=building a great career.

6. Software Developers and Computer Programmers

Like never before, more and more job opportunities will show up for persons that are into programming and software development. Building a career in this direction is highly recommended. 

More and more technology-driven establishments will be birthed in this period and more job opportunities will open for experts in this field. 

7. Veterinarians 

People have not stopped getting pets for themselves and this has created a stream of income for persons who can attend to the needs of these pets. 

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8. Product Designers and Creatives 

Unique product designs have led to huge sales for such products and in high demand are persons who can spin this magic needed to make a product attractive and unique. Consider a career in this field and you are sure of making some cool cash. 

9. Teachers and Trainers

Here again is the need for young people to begin to look at developing a career as a teacher or trainer. People who are good at what they do have created online courses for people to explore and learn from them. This also gives them money.

People who can explore this can create wealth for themselves, as more persons are looking to learn new things. 

10. Accountants and auditors

As much as programmes for accounting are out there for computers, you cannot replace the role of an accountant in understanding trends and auditing accounts for companies. 

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